Bringing Data to Life

Bringing Data to Life

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About Brightpoint Consulting

BrightPoint Consulting, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm that helps clients to develop HTML5 advanced mobile and desktop data visualization technologies for both internal use and as embedded offerings within their software products.

BrightPoint Consulting was founded and is actively managed by Thomas W. Gonzalez, a recognized expert in the dashboard and data visualization space.

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Awards & Recognition

Finalist – Design For Experience Awards 2013
Bringing Order to Big Data

Featured Visualization – – March 2014

Featured Visualization – – April 2014

Thomas W. Gonzalez
Managing Director

Thomas W. Gonzalez - Managing Director Mr. Gonzalez is a frequent speaker and published author in the dashboard and data visualization space. His internationally recognized articles have been used in University curriculums, and he is often sought as public speaker to talk about his ongoing research and open source contributions with D3.js and Data Visualization.

For over 20 years Tom has followed his passion in developing innovative and value driven software applications, with proof-of-concept projects lasting days to multi-million dollar development efforts lasting years. During his career, working for such notable clients as Apple, Adobe, Business Objects, BP-Arco, Kimberly Clark, Northrop-Grumman, and Symantec. Tom is also the founder and co-author of the widely received open source data visualization framework, Axiis, which has been downloaded by over 50,000 users.

Tom has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to developing data-centric applications by uniquely combining his experience in visual design, data visualization, business intelligence, software architecture, and experience in helping hundreds of companies launch their own software products.


The Trade Desk
Applied Biosystems
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Business Objects
MWH Global
City of Atlanta
Johnson Group Inc.
Peregrine Systems-HP
National Starch-ICI
Public Opinion Strategy
Commonwealth Investment Group
MWH Global
WindRiver Systems Inc.

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